The Heart Behind the Chronological Life Application Study Bible

0 comments Posted on October 5, 2012

More and more, the average Christian seems to want to understand how the Bible fits in with the story of their life, but sometimes it just doesn’t seem to connect. For years, people have turned to a trusted study Bible, like the Life Application Study Bible, to offer insights that help them understand specific passages of Scripture and to guide them in what difference it should make in their life. But often the overarching story—the God’s Great Story of Salvation—becomes obscured because it isn’t always clear how the various books of the Bible work together. Instead, the Bible feels like an encyclopedia or a how-to manual. Perhaps scholars and pastors can see the structure behind the details to understand the Great Story, but for many people that seems out of reach.

The Chronological Life Application Study Bible will give everyone the experience of seeing how God’s Great Story has been unfolding for thousands of years, all without losing sight of the fact that the story continues today in the lives of you and me, and everyone who belongs to Jesus. On every single page of the Chronological Life Application Study Bible, readers will be able to quickly remember the whole sweep of God’s story by glancing at the timeline at the top of the page. Also, the Bible text and helps are all organized in chronological order, with parallel passages right together and individual books woven into the story—giving some surprising new insights. Read the psalms that David wrote, right when he wrote them (e.g., p. 505). See where Paul was when he wrote Romans (during his third missionary journey, p. 1644). Experience the triumph of the prophets Haggai and Zechariah when they successfully convince the people to rebuild the Temple (p. 1162). See a picture of Capernaum, where Jesus spent so much time ministering (p. 1368).

But the Chronological Life Application Study Bible doesn’t stop with just helping you see the historical record of God’s Story. All the features that you love about the Life Application Study Bible are right there, helping you to understand what it all means for your story today. Study notes, maps, profiles, and charts have all been updated and brought into stunning full-color, and over 160 new archaeological notes provide even more insight along the way.

The Chronological Life Application Study Bible will give you a fresh view of the Bible as you see the entire story arranged in a way that makes everything clear. But perhaps more importantly, it will give you a renewed sense that you are a part of God’s ongoing story of bringing the Good News to the world!


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