The Horn of Plenty

0 comments Posted on November 16, 2018

by Doreen Hanna

The horn of plenty is probably displayed in many homes this month.  It is a reminder of God’s provision and beauty He created in the foods we eat.  I am reminded often as I enter the fruit and vegetable aisle at the grocery store.  I love feasting my eyes on the beautiful array of colors. Like the depth of greens next to the orange carrots or purple cabbage.  Or, the tasty yellow, orange and red peppers that set off the looks of any green salad or stir fry.

Pondering this brings my husband, Chad, to mind. He used to have a garden. By his green thumb and his faithful attention to watering daily, we reaped abundantly what he sowed.  So much so,  that for many Sundays he, like other gardeners, would bring the overflow to church and leave it on a table for others to take home and enjoy.

He is in heaven today.  I can’t imagine the lovely meals he is enjoying with Lord, family and friends who had gone before him!

If God provides such a wealth of delight in the foods we eat,  my goodness, I can’t imagine what we have to look forward to? In the meantime, I pray this Thanksgiving will be one of reflection upon God’s goodness as you and I enjoy our time eating the tasty foods that come with a meal made from a heart of love.

Genesis 27:28 “Now may God give you of the dew of heaven (to water your land), and the fatness (fertility) of the earth and an abundance of grain.”

Doreen Hanna is the Founder of  She saw the felt need for biblical rite-of-passages for little girls and teen girls. Since 2000, it has met that need for moms of girls and mentors worldwide.


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