The Invitation

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Erica Wiggenhornby Erica Wiggenhorn

I opened my mailbox and discovered inside a beautifully addressed envelope with my name on it. Inside contained a lovingly handwritten invitation. I slowly and carefully read the details.

I had been chosen.

Walking back into the house, I laid the invitation down on the counter, eclipsed by a pile of catalogs and junk mail. Duty called and I gathered my things to head out the door. Before I even reached my first stop of the day, thoughts flooded my mind of all that needed to be done. Stopping at an intersection, thoughts drifted back to the invitation.

You dear one have been issued a divine invitation, by the King of Kings for the grandest adventure of your life.

The Unexplainable ChurchActs 13 opens with the beautiful picture of the church in Antioch praying and worshipping together. In the midst of this scene, the Holy Spirit speaks, issuing a divine invitation to them: Set apart Paul and Barnabas for the work I have for them.

The invitation was not just for Paul and Barnabas, it was for all of them. Because they could not accept their divine invitation without the help and support of the rest of the church, nor could the church experience the unexplainable without sending Paul and Barnabas out onto the mission field.

The story of Acts bids the realization of The Unexplainable Church, each person fulfilling the work that God has chosen for them within the context of the family of God as a whole. Paul and Barnabas could not conceive going on this journey without the support of the church behind them. And you will not fulfill your divine invitation without the support of other believers either. Nor will I.

God designed the church to grow together in community. He purposefully planned it that way. You weren’t meant to figure out all by yourself what God planned for you. Maybe you’re stuck wondering what God’s plan is for your life—and maybe it’s because you’ve been trying to RSVP to your divine invitation all alone.

“You and I were meant to be threads within the beautiful tapestry called the unexplainable church, the body of Christ Himself. Knitted and knotted together, indivisibly tied to our brothers and sisters around the globe, yet each one individually fulfilling his or her own special work.”

Grab a friend or two and dive into The Unexplainable Church: Reigniting the Mission of the Early Believers, allowing God to weave your glittering gold thread through His divine tapestry. Your invitation beckons a response. Will you RSVP?


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