The Joy of Obedience

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Bill Myersby Bill Myers

“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”  Matthew 6:33

Every year Seattle has a celebration called, Seafair. When I was five, we went to the parade and got a nice seat right on the curb. Not long afterwards, the Seafair float rolled down the street with its clowns throwing out candy for the kids to run out and kick and punch and fight for a piece. This was called entertainment.

But as the float approached and I prepared to make my move, my mom bent down and said, “Billy, I don’t want you going out there.”

I’ll never forget the pain and heartbreak as I sat watching all the kids race out and get their candy. But there’s something else I’ll never forget . . .

As the float approached, it stopped directly in front of us. Through my tears I saw the head clown reach into the barrel and pull out a huge handful of candy. He stepped from the float, walked directly to me, and dumped the entire handful into my lap. Then he turned, climbed back onto the float, and continued down the street.

And at the tender age of five, I learned the importance of obedience even when it made no sense. I learned if I focused on His will, everything else eventually falls into place.

© Copyright Bill Myers from his new book, The Jesus Experience: Journey Deeper into the Heart of God.


Bill Myers is a writer/producer who began as co-creator/writer of “McGee and Me.” He has sold over 8 million books/DVDs including “Eli” a retelling of the Gospel as if it happened today. His work has won over 70 national and international awards including a C.S. Lewis Honor Award. His current book, The Jesus Experience: Journey Deeper into the Heart of God is a true account of his journey from a Christian servaholic to a lover of Christ’s deep, abiding presence.


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