The Lesson of the Leaf

0 comments Posted on October 8, 2018

by Cheri Cowell

When the weather cools, millions head out on country roads, looking for that perfect tree in that perfect shade of orange or red.

Last fall as I stood marveling at what I’d deemed the perfect tree, God spoke into my spirit. He pointed out that this tree stood in that same spot all summer long–filled with bright green leaves–and was unnoticed by countless people. Then He asked, “Was the tree doing its job when it was green or only when it turned orange and red and was finally noticed by you?” Then He asked, “What about when the tree loses all of its leaves and stands bare and ugly, is it still doing its job?” I admitted the tree is doing what it was created to do, even when it is dying.

Some of us may be in a season where our colors are bright and attractive. Our light shines and people gather around us as we radiate joy. Then there are some of us who are in a season of life where we are simply growing. We are putting energy into producing new leaves, but no one notices. Finally, some of us may be in a season when our leaves are falling and soon we’ll be bare. We’re not much to look at, but we are finishing our job well.

As you look at the beautiful fall leaves this year, thank God that these trees were noticed in all of their seasons, just as you are in every season in your life.

Cheri Cowell is the author of 365 Devotions for Peace. To learn more about Cheri, visit or check her out on social media.


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