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Gail Martin by Gail Gaymer Martin

Though June is here, we recently celebrated Mother’s Day, a day to honor all women who are or have the potential to be mothers, which is basically all females. Motherhood is one of the most important jobs in the world, and yet it’s a job that offers little formal training. Good mother’s must be born with innate wisdom, patience, self-sacrifice and love. Even fathers sometime slip into the mother position, and they face the same innate needs.  Being a parent means fitting your life and career around the biggest job: raising children to know right from wrong, show respect to others and themselves and love the Lord. That’s quite a responsibility.

Though my mother has been gone for a few years, her guidance and love stays with me. She was my cheerleader who thought everything I did was the best. Though her opinion was biased, I knew my mom loved me and respected me. In scripture, the Bible encourages mothers to train their children so when they are older they will not forget the lessons. I have lived my life recalling many of those values and lessons my mom taught me, and recently, one of my mom’s lessons appeared on Facebook from my publisher. Novelists were asked what they learned from their mothers, and I shared one illustration that still makes me chuckle.

A Mother To LoveWhen my siblings and I were children and we went outside to play, Mom always said, “Don’t cross 11 Mile Road.” This was a two-lane highway at the end of our street. Now many years later, I have lived in four different homes in three different cities, yet I have always lived within four blocks on the same side of 11 Mile Road. Mother’s words do remain in us for a lifetime.

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