The Power of a Woman Who Leads

1 comment Posted on March 18, 2013

Gail Hayesby Gail Hayes

The word leadership can create fear and frustration for many women. Many of us are uncomfortable with our feminine power and would rather be called an influencer or counselor. But if we take a look at what we’ve accomplished, it is clear that we have earned the right to be called leaders.

Even in Biblical times women led. They ruled. They judged. They changed laws. They led armies. They did everything imaginable to craft societies and civilizations. They boldly stepped into history and wore the mantle of leadership with grace, dignity, and strength. Many of our sisters understood that they had authority granted by God to do what appeared to be impossible and guess what? They did it well.

So, what style of leadership suits you?  Let’s take a brief look at six leadership styles and see if you see yourself and how they impact us as women and how they help us accomplish our life’s work.

Are you an Activist Leader? Your leadership style statement is…No people. No mission. The Activist Leader is a visionary leader. You best operate when an organization has a new project that needs implementation or when an existing project needs revamping or upgrading.

Are you a Strategic Leader?  Your leadership style statement is…No plan. No mission. The Strategic Leader always operates with a plan. You work best when you are developing plans, policies, and operations for an organization. For you, order is the only way to work.

Are you a Tactical Leader?  Your leadership style statement is…No flexibility. No mission.The Tactical Leader is gifted at flexibility. You understand the value of traditional methodology but have no problem finding new ways to achieve mission goals. For you, teamwork is the key to success.

Power of a Woman Who LeadsAre you a Creative Leader? Your leadership style statement is…No improvising. No mission. The Creative Leader is gifted at improvising. You are the expert at seeing new ways to do tasks but not necessarily in implementing them. Give you a mundane mission and you will create something new!

Are you Collaborative Leader? Your leadership style statement is…No relationship. No mission. The Collaborative Leader is gifted at working with others. You have a passion for connecting with others who can “fill in the blanks” left by not receiving feedback from those who are different from you. The diversity of it all is what drives you.

Are you a Dramatic Leader? Your leadership style statement is…No glory. No mission. The Dramatic Leader does things in a big way. You can be seen as extreme and opinionated in your views but you seem to always get the job done. You always look for “the glory” or the big payoff in every mission.

As a woman of today, remember that you are called to lead somebody somewhere to do something great. God did not make a mistake when He placed leadership’s mantle upon your lovely shoulders. Through you, He intends for everyone to see the strength, beauty and power of a woman who leads!


  • 04/30/2013
    Hattie N orman said:

    Thias is a very insightful article. I would expect no less from you. All these years, and I never knew about different types of leaders. Thank you for the introduction.


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