The Power of Humor

0 comments Posted on June 30, 2014

Bill Myersby Bill Myers

Humor is serious business. I noticed that way back when I created Focus on the Family’s video series, “McGee and Me.” The more I can get a reader to laugh, the more they’ll lower their defenses and allow me to speak into their lives. The more entertaining I can be, the more I’ve earned the right to do serious teaching. That’s certainly the intention with my latest adult novel, “Child’s Play.”

Child's PlayThe characters are definitely fun and quirky . . . but when one of them opens a fortune cookie that reads, “You are my favorite child, God,” and they begin exploring the possibilities . . . well, I can get away with some serious thoughts for both the Christian and pre-Christian without ever getting caught preaching.

A recent survey revealed that most Americans envision God as a grumpy old deity, who is constantly angry at us. (No wonder people don’t want to run into His arms for love). I wrote “Child’s Play” and used its humor to bring us back to who Jesus Christ says the Father really is. That’s the method behind my madness. And so far, at least from the reviews, it seems to be working.  I plan to keep praying, seriously, that it continues.


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