The Power of Prayer

2 comments Posted on August 6, 2013

IMG_Liz Tolsmaby Liz Tolsma

The power of prayer. We’ve all heard that line. How much do we believe it? Do we trust the Lord to answer our prayers, or do we just cross our fingers and shoot off a quick one in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, God will listen and answer?

My son, my oldest child, just eighteen, recently left for U.S. Marine boot camp. He’s more than halfway across the country. Drill instructors are yelling in his face. I can’t talk to him on the phone or Skype. No text messages. Only good old postal mail.

And about three weeks after he left, we received a letter from him. To summarize, it said, “What on earth did I do coming here? I miss you so much. I want to come home. I’m in a program for especially homesick recruits.”

Oh my, what that does to a Mama’s heart. Worry plagued me. No one wants to hear that their child’s heart is breaking. I prayed for him every chance I got.

One of those chances was an hour long car ride. My husband drove and, exhausted, I reclined my seat and closed my eyes and spent the drive home praying for my son. As we neared our home, my pleading with the Lord changed. “Father, I know we got a letter earlier this week and it’s too much to hope there will be another from him now. But please, Lord, let there be a letter from him.”

SnowIt was a throw-it-up-there-and-hope-it-works kind of prayer.

But the Lord rewarded me. Inside the mailbox was the envelope that contained my son’s precious words. Words that told us he finally received the letters we wrote. Words that were cheerful and encouraging.

Another powerful reminder to me that no request is too big or too small for Him to answer. And that I need to trust that He will answer.

How have you seen the Lord answer your prayers?


  • 08/06/2013
    Kirk said:

    Thank you for this great reminder. I also saw this today on the MTL Magazine Facebook page that fits so nicely with your devotion:
    Wondering where the wisdom you need is going to come from today?

    Wondering if there’s anyone, anywhere, who can help you with your marriage that’s headed south?

    Wondering how in the world you’ll ever get out of the mess you’re in?

    Psalm 121:2 2 My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.

  • 08/06/2013
    Liz Tolsma said:

    Thanks for sharing, Kirk!


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