The Power of Respect

0 comments Posted on September 16, 2020

by Karen Whiting

An older priest ministered in an asylum. One patient was a nun filled with rage. He sat by her to pray, and she turned and vomited on him. He took out his handkerchief and started wiping off her face. A tear rolled down her cheek. His action broke her anger and started her on a road to healing. She explained once she overcame her anger, “No one ever put me first before Father Jim did.” It can be hard to respond to harsh words or actions with respect, but when we do, that’s a great witness and it may touch a person’s heart and melt their pain.

As we struggle with race, riots and anger, our best response is love. Christ said that words begin in our heart, so each morning we can ask God to fill our heart with love so we will speak with kindness. When someone speaks with anger, pause and pray, for that reveals pain within the individual’s heart. If we respond with sarcasm or cutting remarks, we add to that pain. With masks on, no one sees our smiles, but they can hear pleasantness in our greetings or the simple action of letting someone go ahead of us.

Choose to be kind and respectful today!

Karen Whiting ( loves to sprinkle joy into people’s lives. She’s the author of twenty-six books for women, families, children and the military. Her next book, Growing a Mother’s Heart, releases early in 2021.


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