The Power of Story

3 comments Posted on January 27, 2015

Ava Penningtonby Ava Pennington

I love a good story, don’t you? Skilled storytellers have beguiled audiences with mesmerizing tales since the dawn of time. I have vivid memories of waiting breathlessly for stories that began with the words, “Once upon a time.…” I’m still transported by the power of those words today.

However, the power of story is not limited to fiction. Well-written non-fiction also draws on the use of story as it teaches. My eyes might glaze over when I read articles or books filled with lists of numbers, names, or facts. But when the stories behind the statistics are revealed, my heart connects with real people – their joys and sorrows, successes and failures.

It’s no coincidence the apostle John called Jesus the Word. Jesus is God, yet expressed in a form we can relate to and understand. And Jesus used words, weaving them into powerful stories of hope and warning.

His parables meet us where we are and take us to where we need to be. His patience in teaching the disciples provides hope that if they finally got it, we can, too. His intimate conversations with the Father give us a glimpse of the intimacy available to you and me.

Each one of us has a story. Being true to our stories requires both honesty and transparency. Honesty with the Lord and with ourselves. Transparency with others.

Our story begins with a relationship with Christ. But it doesn’t end there.

Daily Relfections Names of GodBeing a real Christian means allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. It’s not easy for me to share my failures, but how else will others be able to rejoice with me as God works in those same areas? Sometimes it’s equally difficult to share my victories – will others view it as bragging? Perhaps they will, but there are countless people desperate to know that weeping doesn’t last forever and joy does, indeed, come in the morning (Psalm 30:5).

The privilege of using the power of story isn’t limited to writers. By telling our stories, we all have the ability to encourage hearts, invite intimacy, and point others to the Author who is writing His story in each of us.

Will you share your story with someone this week?

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  • 01/27/2015
    Mary Sayler said:

    Good word for Christian poets and writers, Ava, so I’ll highlight this on the Christian Poets & Writers blog – God bless.

  • 01/27/2015
    Ava Pennington said:

    Thank you for sharing this, Mary!

  • 01/31/2015
    Dianne in Indy said:

    After erasing some lengthy comments, I decided to simplify my communication here. I resonated with weighing your comments for boasting. There have been times I’ve spoken and the impact was obvious. Yet, when I have tried to replicate that situation, it falls flatter than a pancake. The question I ask myself is what is my story testifying about – me? or what God taught me in the experience. There are so many experts and pundits of spirituality and the Christian walk. As I see things, the only thing we have to offer God is a heart desring Him. Everything else is just some variation of works.


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