The Power of Talking to God

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Gail Gaymer Martinby Gail Gaymer Martin

If you are like me, talking with God is a daily activity. We speak to Him in our daily devotion and prayer time, and He listens to me daily asking for forgiveness when I’m irritable or impatient. I need a lot of prayer for patience. I also tend to ask God for help, and then I proceed to explain exactly how it should happen. I am grateful the Lord has a sense of humor.

Prayer is most common in bad times. I have learned to begin prayer with a list of thank yous. I have witnessed how God has answered prayer before I knew I needed it, and He resolves problems while I spend time worrying about them. A verse that touches me is from Proverbs 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps.

This verse had new meaning at the beginning of this year as I arrived in Sedona, Arizona to spend three months winter away from our home in Michigan. This year my husband became extremely ill after our arrival and was taken to Flagstaff Medical Center in Flagstaff, Arizona, a renowned trauma center. Bob was diagnosed with a rare blood immune disease, HLH, with an 85-90% mortality rate. His kidneys and liver had shut down. His white blood cells were destroying the red cells. He was sedated, on a respirator and 24-hour dialysis, treated with steroids, various medications and given chemotherapy. In ICU, I was met by five specialists whose message was “be prepared.” The words rent my heart. This was my strong, healthy husband who was dying.

Family members flew in from Michigan to give me support. I rented a room at the hospital’s facility for families of critical patients to stay close. We prayed constantly and received messages from family, friends  and thousands of writers and readers with prayers and support. I was overwhelmed. I had to prepare, but I had no idea how to do this. Yet in my heart, I knew the Lord heard the pleas of so many. When I was contacted by Palliative staff to help me deal with Bob’s illness, I explained that I knew the seriousness of his illness, but I wanted to focus on hope and prayer and not on death. I knew God was in charge. And God was.

A Husband For ChristmasThrough the three months, we witnessed God’s miracles. When we prayed for better news from specific specialists, they arrived in minutes with the news we needed to hear. When I worried about the bills or returning to Michigan, answers arrived. With the eleven specialists guidance,  Bob moved over two months from ICU to CCU to Step Down. When specialists began to smile and call Bob the hospital’s Miracle Patient, we rejoiced. With a month left in our Sedona rental, Bob was moved to outpatient status. His chemotherapy ended, and four days before we were to leave for Michigan, his dialysis ended. Our son arrived to drive our car home while we flew.

Those worries and fears were useless. God knew our needs and He answered them. I learned in those days to trust the Lord. Not all situations have a happy ending, but God knows our heart, our hopes and dreams. Talk with Him and let the power of prayer provide the solutions.

Multi-award winning, including the ACFW Carol Award, Gail Gaymer Martin has six published Christian novels, and four million books in print. Named one of the best novelists in the Detroit area by CBS local news, she is the author of Writers Digest’s Writing the Christian Romance. Gail is a keynote speaker and teaches writing fiction throughout the U.S and is a co-founder of American Christian Fiction Writers. Gail’s latest novel, A Husband For Christmas, is an October 2015 release from Love Inspired available in Christian bookstores.

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