The Powerful Silk of Prayer

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Kathy Millerby Kathy Collard Miller

I flipped through the doctor’s waiting room copy of National Geographic Magazine and read the letters to the editor. One letter caught my attention. Shari Prange of Bonny Doon, California, wrote, “I enjoyed your article about spiders. One day my husband called me to remove a snake from the carport. ‘There’s no hurry,’ he said dryly. ‘It’s got a spiderweb growing on it.’ I found a motionless baby garter snake eerily coiled and upright like a cobra as the centerpiece of a spiderweb. But it was alive! It just couldn’t pull free from the web. I brushed it off and released it. I’ll bet that spider is still dreaming about the big one that got away.” (December 2001, Forum Column).

Our prayers are like that spider’s silk circling our enemy Satan and holding him controlled within God’s will and desires. At times, we think our prayers are as weak and ineffective as a single strand of a spider’s web. But God has given us an incredible tool, yet I must confess I don’t use it as often as I could.

At times I foolishly brush away the cob web’s power of prayer and release Satan to do his dirty work by failing to keep my focus on God. Then Satan has more ability to make me distrust and doubt God. Therefore, I must “weave” (or cooperate with) God’s power by resisting Satan’s lies and schemes by praying about everything as Philippians 4:6-7 tells us.

May we remember that prayer really is powerful enough to capture Satan within God’s plans.


Kathy Collard Miller is a popular women’s conference speaker who has spoken in 31 states and 7 foreign countries. She is the author of 49 books including Women of the Bible: Smart Guide to the Bible (Thomas Nelson). She lives in Southern California. Visit her blog at


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