The Rock

0 comments Posted on August 5, 2021

by Robin Currie

One day a man walked by a lake. Often he picked up rocks to throw into the water. He hardly glanced at the rocks he chose except to see if they were good skimmers.

Near the end of his walk, he found a rough stone. He was about to throw it into the water when he decided it was sort of an interesting rock, he slipped it into his pocket. It wasn’t a good skimmer, but the fact was he needed a rock, and this was as good as any.

The man used the rock to hold papers on his desk. One day the man was cleaning off the desk and saw the rock. It still looked like it might be interesting, but it was not very useful right then, so he put it in a shoebox in the closet. Time passed and the box with the rock was shifted further to the back, to oblivion.

Now inside the rock was a diamond, a multifaceted gem of great worth.

One day another man came across the box in the closet. Looking inside, he saw the rock, still interesting in shape but trapped in cobwebs. He was one who knew rocks well and believed that inside many of them were wonderful surprises. He asked to have the box and the rock. The first man did not mind giving up the rock at all, but he thought he could store other things in the box he kept it.

The second man slipped the rock into his pocket. As he held it, he immediately recognized that it contained something valuable. With care he chipped away at the rock until the first glimmer of the diamond appeared. Sometimes the process was slow because the layers of dust had been there a long time, but he had faith that it was worth the effort. As different facets were cleaned of old grime, the sun sparkled through them, revealing things even the man did not expect. He polished the diamond gently, and it became more brilliant. The diamond was indeed many faceted and of great worth.

The man treasured the diamond for the intricate beauty, which it had always had, now revealed.

Who is the dusty diamond in your life?

Award winning (The Very Best Story Ever Told: the Gospel with American Sign Language2020 Serious Writer’s Book of the Decade) author Robin Currie ( led children’s departments of Midwestern public libraries before being called mid-life to ordained ministry. Robin volunteers internationally teaching English in developing countries.


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