The Serendipity of February 24

3 comments Posted on February 24, 2016

Christine Lindsayby Christine Lindsay

Serendipity—a fortunate happenstance or pleasant surprise—is one of those ways God works in our lives. It’s certainly the word that came to mind when I received the date for today’s blog assignment way back in December.

Today is my daughter’s birthday. But back when my baby girl was only three days old, in 1979, I relinquished her to adoption. Life is tough, but nothing broke my heart quite as much as giving up my baby.

A closed adoption, year after year I quietly celebrated Sarah’s birthday. Each year the Lord sent me some pleasant surprise to let me know He had not forgotten me. Often pink flowers from a friend, or a card saying “Thinking of you” with pink flowers on the front. The serendipitous aspect was the gifts were always from friends with no idea of the significance of Feb. 24.

shadowed in silkThese friends didn’t know about my “secret” child, or about the day that I came out of the hospital to find a bouquet of spring flowers anonymously delivered to my apartment. Dotting that bouquet were several long-stemmed pink carnations that reminded me of the little pink pompoms on the sweater that I had just sent my baby Sarah away in to her new parents.

It was through those serendipitous pink flowers I felt the Father’s whisper throughout my journey as birth mother, at the time of my relinquishment, throughout the long years she was raised as someone else’s child, and to our reunion and afterward, when she became the model on the front cover of my first novel, Shadowed in Silk.

Irish-born Christine Lindsay is author of multi-award-winning Christian fiction. Christine’s ancestry inspires her writing, but it was her experience in relinquishing her baby girl to adoption that sets the spiritual tone of Christine’s novels. Her non-fiction book of her birth mother experience, Finding Sarah—Finding Me, will be released Aug. 15, 2016.


  • 02/25/2016
    Alan Anderson said:

    As a husband, dad, and grandfather this little story from Christine gave me comfort. It is wonderful how the life of Christine since giving up her daughter for adoption has played out. It must have been so emotional at the reunion of Christine and Sarah! Happy birthday Sarah! Thank you Christine for sharing such a loving post!

  • 02/25/2016
    Christine Lindsay said:

    Dear Alan, thank you for your kind words, and I’m glad my story brings comfort. Our God is such a wonderful Father, that He does indeed turn our heartaches into our greatest joys if we trust Him. And I add my happy birthday wishes to Sarah. I’m seeing her tomorrow.

  • 02/26/2016
    Sara Goff said:

    Oh, I truly believe in God’s whispers. How beautiful that He reached out to you.


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