The Shadow of Fear

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Erica Wiggenhornby Erica Wiggenhorn 

Many people battle against fear it seems. They might call it something else: worry, concern or anxiety, but the root is fear. No wonder the most frequently repeated command in Scripture is, “Do not fear, do not be afraid.” God knows His creation well.

I’ve battled against fear all my life. Fear of the future. Fear of the unknown or the what-if. Fear of what others thought about me. Fear of failure. It’s no wonder I am enthralled by the early believers and what occurred in the first three chapters in the book of Acts. Peter, a man hiding in the shadows, too afraid to admit he had been with Jesus, emerges onto the temple steps boldly proclaiming Jesus had risen from the dead!

An Unexplainable Change

Peter’s courageous transformation didn’t occur over a long span of time. It was exactly fifty days. How did such a dramatic surge of courage flood Peter’s heart and life? And more importantly, could it occur in mine? This was the question I grappled with most.

An Unexplainable LifeThe change in Peter was unexplainable apart from the power of God in his life. That power is available to you and I as well. It’s the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of us and it is available to every follower of Jesus Christ.

Changing Circumstances

Studying the book of Acts helped me understand how to live in this place of courage—to face the fears which kept me paralyzed and timid for so long. While I had prayed for many years for God to change my circumstances so I would not be afraid, God began to do a new thing.

The most unexplainable thing would not be a change in my circumstances, it would be a change in me. Making my way through this exciting portion of Scripture the Holy Spirit began to change my perspective, allowing the light of God’s love to overpower the dark shadow of fear. The Holy Spirit filled me with courage to boldly pursue the plans Jesus had for me.

An Unexplainable Life

God wants to make your life unexplainable apart from His power as well, friend. Perhaps more than any other book in the Bible, Acts shows us what life can be when lived in the power of God. Would you consider joining me on a 50-day journey to discover your own unexplainable life?


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