The Simplest Way to Change the World

0 comments Posted on March 8, 2017


by Dustin Willis & Brandon Clements

Dustin Willis (crop)Every Christian wants to change the world, but many believe they can’t. After all, they have a job to go to, groceries to buy, kids to pick up from any number of places, meals to prepare, and dishes to wash. How does one fit world-changing into a life packed with ordinary responsibilities? That must be left to those in vocational ministry or, at the very least, those with more free time, they assume.

Brandon Clements (crop)The Simplest Way to Change the World argues that every Christian is called into God’s rescue mission to adopt sinners into His eternal family, and that we have the ultimate secret weapon right under our noses: our homes.

SimplestWay_COV.inddBy tracing the entire story of redemptive history as a story about God’s hospitality to rebellious sinners, the book grounds our efforts at hospitality in God’s eternal work to welcome us back into His family. He is the hospitable God who creates a hospitable people to put Him on display—and in the midst of a culture increasingly wary of Christianity, believers with open homes and warm meals are sorely needed.

As we forsake the prevalent idea that our homes are solely for our own comfort and open them up for the sake of God’s mission, incredible things can happen. Our lives become infused with new purpose as we realize our ordinary rhythms are meaningful in God’s mission. In the simple act of welcoming neighbors, coworkers and friends into our homes we put the gospel on display and welcome others into our lives as Christ has welcomed us.


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