The Snakes Are Gone but Not the Boots

0 comments Posted on March 17, 2020

by Kathy Collard Miller

My husband, Larry, and I had the awesome joy and privilege of traveling in Europe. As we toured, I began recording some spiritual lessons God was teaching me.

One tour guide in Rhodes, Greece, explained that years ago, there were lots of snakes in the area. The women worked in the fields, wearing knee-high leather boots to protect themselves. Then deer were brought in to kill the snakes, and the snake problem was eliminated. But still, even today, the women wear the knee-high boots.

It reminded me of how we can adopt a certain mindset, and even when it’s no longer valid, we can continue to believe it’s true.

I think of how as a perfectionist, I believed as a child that God waited for me to become perfect before He could love me completely. Even though God has done great healing in that area of my life, I still sometimes struggle with trying to perform so that God will love me more.

I need to take off my knee-high leather boots!

Kathy Collard Miller loves to take every day experiences and see their spiritual application. She is the author of more than 55 books and speaks in the US and around the world. Kathy lives in Southern California with her husband. They are parents and grandparents. Recent release: Heart Wisdom: Daughters of the King Bible Study Series
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