The Story Behind the Story in Jaime Jo Wright’s Novel The House on Foster Hill

4 comments Posted on November 20, 2017

11.20.17 Newsletter


  • 11/20/2017
    Beth K. Vogt said:

    Your words refreshed my heart today.
    Writer to writer, I am thankful your stories are steeped in a hard-won hope. You are a courageous woman who desires to leave a beautiful legacy for her family.

  • 11/20/2017
    Jaime Jo Wright said:

    Thank you, Beth. πŸ™‚

  • 11/20/2017
    Barbara said:

    What a beautiful backstory. Your personal struggle with hope at the loss of your babies is one I will be sharing with Lindsay. It’s one she needs to hear over and over again as she still struggles with her loss. The hope your Captain Hook expressed is one we all need to be reminded of when we lose someone we love…the hope they are no longer faced with the realities of this cruel world and are living face to face with our loving God. Thank you for sharing your story behind the story.

  • 11/20/2017
    Rosalyn said:

    I loved reading this history!
    I just started reading your book today; my attention has been grabbed & captured–I’m hooked! πŸ™‚


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