The Things Kids Say

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Vickiby Vickie McDonough

I have always been a tomboy. I grew up playing sports, watching cowboy shows with my dad, riding horses, and when I was fourteen, I bought a motorcycle with money I’d made babysitting. That may be the reason God blessed me with four sons.  Life was often challenging raising two Alpha males and two Betas. The Alpha males, sons #1 & #3, challenged me constantly and always pushed the limits. The other two were more like their dad, laid back, quiet, and sweet, but getting them moving to complete a task could prove difficult.

I am now the proud grandmother of a seven-year-old granddaughter. She’s incredibly smart and busy. She has kept us laughing with her humorous comments, but I’ve said more than once that it took raising four sons to be able to know how to handle this one precocious granddaughter. But I thank God for blessing us with her. I thought I’d share something funny she said in hopes of giving you a chuckle today.

Hailey is a techno-kid. I know my way around a computer and Iphone, but she can do things I can’t, like put her own picture on a tiny character on a game. One evening, the whole family had gone out to eat with my #3 son, who’d just returned from a year’s deployment in Egypt. While waiting for our food, I gave Hailey (4 years old then) my Iphone, which is loaded with gobs of her games. She was leaning against my arm, and I looked down at her and said, “Do you love me just because I have an Iphone?”

Hailey didn’t even look up from her game, but kept on playing and responded without missing a beat, “No, Grandma, I love you because you have an Ipad too.”

Whisper on the Prarie

Vickie McDonough is the award-winning author of 27 books and novellas. Whispers on the Prairie, her latest book just released July 1st. It’s the story of a young Chicago woman who gets stranded at a remote Kansas stage stop run by a couple with three grown–marriageable–sons.


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