The Turning

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Davis Bunnby Davis Bunn

The Turning opens as five different people, in different congregations, and different cities, and different cultures, all have been studying a lesson plan about listening to God.  And to their astonishment, God communicates with them.  In each case, the communication comes in the form of a request, or an invitation if you will.  God asks them to turn away from the normal course of their lives, and do something that would be impossible unless they relied fully on him, and trusted him to see them through.

All five of these people assume the request from God, this turning, is all there is.  But in fact what really happens is, God has a major challenge he intends to put before them.  But first he had to unite them as listeners.  As people willing to follow his guidance.  Whatever that requires.  Wherever God might take them.

MOO_TurThe spiritual theme behind the story – and to the lesson plan available as a free download on the book’s website – is the need for us to carve out space in our daily walk for quiet time with God.

The key question is not whether God speaks to us, in words or in his creation or any other way.  The real issue is, are we attentive to his voice, to the movement of his Holy Spirit, and to the concept of calling.


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