There’s Not Always a Happily Ever After

2 comments Posted on January 22, 2019

by Annette O’Hare

The Bible warns of a “sin unto death.” It is a sin committed not by the lost, but by God’s children. This death the Bible speaks of is not a spiritual death but a physical death. Some have said this death is the result of unrepentant sin in the life of a believer.

Last week I learned my childhood best friend had died. We had grown apart over the years, and sadly I wasn’t able to say goodbye. No, she wasn’t old. Fifty isn’t old, right? Yes, she was sick, but not with anything you would think a fifty-year-old would die from. It’s hard to admit, but I think my Christian friend had continued in her sin long enough and God decided it was time for her to come home.

What about you? Is there a fellow believer in your life who continues to willfully sin? Or perhaps this article is speaking to you…

My precious friend’s life came to an abrupt end. Her family and friends grieve for her. But I say with confidence in my heart that she’s chattering non-stop with everyone she meets in heaven, just as she did here on earth.

Goodbye, my friend. I know you now have your happily ever after.

Annette O’Hare, author of inspirational historical romance, desires to reveal God’s love to her readers while giving them a laugh or two. Annette is the president of American Christian Fiction Writers, The Woodlands, TX chapter, and a member of Christian Author Network. Visit


  • 01/22/2019
    Janetta said:

    I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. Powerful words and aptly spoken to wake us up. Thank you!

  • 01/25/2019
    Linda Kozar said:

    So sad to hear about your friend Annette. Unfortunately we all know someone like that. This is a wake-up call for me to check in on some old friends I’ve been out of touch with.


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