Three More Days

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Julie Cosgroveby Julie B. Cosgrove

It’s three more days until Christmas.

Are you excited or tired? Do you feel peace or panic? Are you in the “I can hardly wait” mode, or do you just wish it would be over soon?

The message of the holidays, even for Christians, can become muddled amidst the to-do lists, the parties, the baking and cooking, and trying to decide how to keep Aunt Suzy from confronting Cousin Ed during the family gathering…again. Please, Lord, this year can everyone just get along for three hours?

We are human beings, but during December we become more like human doings. We promise we won’t. This year we will concentrate on the “reason for the season.” And then the commercials, the invites and the stress over expenses suck us in.  Instead of “fa-la-la-lala,” we want to cover our ears, close our eyes and cry “la-la-la-la-la” to drown it all out.

I have no easy answers, except as “the day” approaches, it is a good idea to fence off some peace and quiet time. Time to reflect, pray, reconnect with the Savior whose birthday we are about to celebrate. Give yourself a present. Allow peace on your corner of the earth—just for a bit.

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Julie B. Cosgrove is an editor/writer for the Life Project, the digital ministry arm of Cru Canada. She also writes devotional articles for several other publications, and has twelve novels published or under contract. Her blog, Where Did You Find God Today?, has readership in 51 countries. Visit her website at


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