Three Ways to Pray with Children

0 comments Posted on September 21, 2021

by Karen Whiting

Enjoy new ways to pray with children, such as “moment”-ous moments where you stop for a few moments throughout the day. It can be a moment of silence to listen to God, a moment of thanks where everyone shouts out blessings, a moment before parting to pray for safety, or a moment to listen outside and praise God for creation.

Another way to pray is to use hand signs. Take turns using a hand sign and then each one prays.

  • Thumbs up: state one name for God that shares God’s greatness.
  • Love sign: pray for someone you love.
  • Blow a kiss to heaven and thank God for a blessing.
  • Peace sign: Ask God’s forgiveness.
  • Make a cross with two fingers and thank God for saving you.
  • Little finger up: ask for small prayer needs.
  • Pointer finger up toward heaven: ask God who is the greatest one for big prayer needs.

Thirdly, hold a POW-WOW. POW stands for “Pray Over Worry” and WOW stands for “Worship Over Wonders.” One person states one worry and one wonder (like a prayer answer or blessing). The next person prays one sentence for the POW and one sentence for the WOW and then shares his or her POW and WOW.

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