Through The Eyes Of My Hero, Dr. Ida Scudder

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Christine Lindsayby Christine Lindsay

Sitting on a hard train seat, no glass on the windows, only bars, nothing to keep out the russet-red dust—what could be more wonderful?

There were dozens of places I’d rather go than India—I thought. But the writing missions trip to the southern province was a highlight of my life.

We traveled in the railway class that the average Indian person would travel. Yes the seats were uncomfortable. I was often squashed or sitting on only a corner. But I looked out on rice paddies, a shade of emerald in the sunshine.

Christine in India.I was travelling on the very same tracks, on a train not much different than trains two of my heroes travelled on in the last century—Dr. Ida Scudder who built the greatest Christian hospital in Southeast Asia, and missionary Amy Carmichael. I was seeing their India through my eyes.

That trip inspired these words from my book Captured by Moonlight

“On one side of the rutted track a rice paddy stretched out, a verdant green that almost hurt her eyes in the sunlight. Dotting the paddy, women’s saris—saffron, crimson, vermillion, peacock blue—shimmied in the light like beads on a bangle. Seeing this beauty again, she admitted she shouldn’t have let the painful memories stop her from coming back. Her roots to this southern land were as numerous and deep as those of the banyan tree.”

Captured by Moonlight

Captured by Moonlight is Book 2 of my series Twilight of the British Raj. Shadowed in Silk is Book 1 of that series.


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