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SummerReadinglogo2013Marion StroudReading: Hebrews 12: 1-12 ‘Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and let us run …v.1

Does summer time give you the urge to de-clutter? It usually means that we can wear lighter clothes and need fewer of them. But when I’m preparing for a holiday, I still hate packing. I want to travel light but I dither. How hot will it be – or cold. It can rain, even in hot climates, so do I pack a waterproof? And how what about books? Sometimes holiday reading needs to be sheer entertainment and at other times something spiritual fits the bill. My heart is always in my mouth as I head for the check in. Even though I’ve weighed my case before we’ve left home, I can’t be sure that the scales will agree and the rules are rigid. One case to go in the hold and one to ‘carry on.’ If you have the wrong weight or the wrong sized bag, there is a special area for unpacking and discarding stuff. How embarrassing and where do the unwanted items go?

If you want your day to day summer ‘livin’ to be easy, what do you consider to be essential to your life? What is so special about these particular things? Why not make a list? Then decide what you could discard in order to fit spiritual and physical necessities, for the summer, into a rucksack. What would you select? Could you ‘run’ with it? Why not try living with just those things for a week this summer? It might become a habit!

Prayer: I’m so easily entangled with ‘things’, obligations and rules for living I put onto myself Lord. I want to run with You, and be prepared to move swiftly at your command. Would I be better with less? Please show me what is really important, so that I can truly ‘travel light.’

It's Just You and Me Lord

Marion Stroud lives in England, in the town where John Bunyan wrote his world-wide best seller, Pilgrim’s Progress. The author of 26 books, her most recent title, a book of prayers for women, It’s Just You and Me Lord is published in the USA by Discovery House.


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