Triumphing Over Road Rage

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Deborah Smith Peguesby Deborah Smith Pegues

I’m on a mission to maintain my joy; however, it’s impossible to avoid people and situations that cause me displeasure. Although I’m generally a peaceful person, I find that my “displeasure” tends to manifest itself in one of the three degrees and duration of anger: irritation, frustration, and occasionally, infuriation. Just the other day, a bad driver was speeding down a side lane as I was exiting a Los Angeles freeway. He almost side swiped me! For a split second, I understood the motivation for freeway shootings. I would have become furious from the fear of a potential crash, except I quickly remembered that my new strategy is to view such hair-raising intrusions as a prayer request. Therefore, I’m committed to praying earnestly for the perpetrator–right on the spot:

 “Father, I ask that you bless this man and his family. I pray you will save him and be his Lord. Help him to drive more safely.”

I tell myself that I may be the only person interceding for his soul. Who knows? He may be a Christian already! Nevertheless, my strategy demands that I take a Divine Perspective on every displeasure and to remember that nothing happens by accident in my life. Now, I admit that maintaining this attitude takes more than my resolution—no matter how strong it is. I’m simply relying on G-R-A-C-E, the divine empowerment of the Holy Spirit, to keep producing the fruit of joy in me in every situation. So far, so good—when I stay faithful to my strategy.

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