True Emancipation

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Christine Lindsayby Christine Lindsay

The Women’s Movement, Suffragettes, Feminists, Gloria Steinem—do some of these groups or individuals leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Are they militant, promoting a philosophy that you can’t completely agree with? Or are some of them your heroines?

To be honest, as a Christian woman living today I’m so grateful to have the vote. I appreciate the sense of equality that I have with men in my day-to-day life. My life is a partnership with my husband, both of us in the same yoke plowing together for a common goal. My husband treats me that way because he loves me the way Christ commanded him to love me. And I love and respect my husband in return.

That level of emancipation didn’t start with people though. It started with Christ. Jesus is the true emancipator of all people. This is an issue that I addressed in my novel Shadowed in Silk when some of my Indian characters were looking to Gandhi to be their savior.

Excerpt from Shadowed in Silk:

Miriam adjusted her spectacles. “It is possible Gandhi could be the political savior of our country. But he is human, and no matter how hard he tries to be pure, he can never attain true holiness. As you and I know, Eshana, no amount of bathing in sacred water or good works can wash away the secret stains in our heart.”

Eshana curled one leg beneath her. “Yes, but Gandhi preaches that the way we treat the untouchables and widows is the greatest blot on our country. He desires to change this. Is that not commendable?”

Miriam bestowed on her an indulgent smile. “It is most commendable. But Gandhi does not come close to how our Lord Jesus lifted up women. That was how I first fell in love with Christ, when I earned how He treated his own mother when he hung on the cross, assuring his dear apostle, John, take care of her in her widowhood. He lifted up other women too, poor women caught in immorality. We do not see such grace toward women except from Christ.”

shadowed in silk

Shadowed in Silk Book 1 of the trilogy Twilight of the British Raj by Christine Lindsay


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