True Story

0 comments Posted on February 6, 2018

Author, Kate Clarkby Katherine Clark

I have a story to tell. A tale penned in grief and sorrow. But it is also a story abounding in hope, beauty, and the miraculous. It is at times humiliating.

Where I EndAnd although this tale has a good end, I must warn you, it is by no means a fairy-tale ending, which simply is to say that this story is real. For in fairy tales the girl always finds her true love, good defeats evil, and everyone is happy! But I have not found such wide-eyed optimism to be the substance of our lives.

In this life on earth, sadly the girl does not always find her true love. Evil capriciously swallows men, women, and children in its path. And on this side of heaven, a shadow looms over even the brightest of our joys.

Unlike fiction, however, true stories have a power all their own. And in spite of its painful and grotesque underpinnings—or perhaps because of them—my narrative is, above all things, amazing.

Katherine Clark is wife to a gifted theologian and mom to two bright kids, all of whom bring merriment and humor to her days. With a background in psychology, she has spent much of the last twenty years working and writing for a nationwide Christian radio and counseling ministry. When she’s not writing, Kate enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking new recipes with her kids, and immersing herself in books.


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