Try Again

0 comments Posted on April 28, 2021

by Davalynn Spencer

Temptation often enters my workday with an irritated “I did that already, and it doesn’t work!”

Someone else’s suggestion to “try again” (especially when it pertains to my computer printer) makes me want to quit, forget the whole thing, and walk away.

This all-too-often annoyance is painfully common and is even found in Scripture. Imagine Peter’s irritation when, after an unsuccessful night of fishing, he is told by a non-fisherman he had just met to push his boat out into the deep and let down his nets for a catch.

Been there, done that, Peter essentially said, but he pushed out anyway because it was Jesus who told him to.

It worked.

A similar scenario took place three years later after Jesus’ resurrection. Peter and his pals had been fishing all night with no success. Someone on the shore hollered, “Cast your net from the right side of the boat and you’ll find some.”

I’m guessing those words sounded pretty familiar to Peter. He and his friends obeyed, and they caught more fish than they could pull into the boat. Peter realized the person on shore was Jesus.

This time, Jesus’ encouragement came with a small adjustment. Perhaps casting from the right side of the boat was equivalent to me rebooting my printer.

Regardless, quitting appears to be the enemy of obedience.

The next time the Lord encourages me to “try again” with something at which I have failed, I want to listen and obey.

Wife and mother of professional rodeo bullfighters, Davalynn Spencer can’t stop #lovingthecowboy. She writes award-winning Western romance with rugged heroes and teaches writing workshops when she’s not wrangling Blue the Cowdog and mouse detectors Annie and Oakley. Connect with her at


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