Un-crazy Your 2016

0 comments Posted on January 19, 2016

Dena Dyerby Dena Dyer

A life filled with regular moments for “be-ing”—instead of just doing—is counter-cultural. It’s also not easy. However, as people of faith, we’re called to a different standard. Our lives should model grounded-ness and peace, not mindless activity.

If you long to “un-crazy” your schedule in 2016, here are a few tips:

  • Review your current commitments. Talk about the WHY behind each commitment. Are you living life on purpose, or speeding through your days without thinking about the reasons your calendar is crammed?
  • For those things you’ve taken on out of obligation, a desire to keep up with others’ expectations, an inability to say NO (firmly and irrevocably), or because “no one else would do it,” begin to think of ways you can extract yourself from those responsibilities.
  • Wounded Women of the BibleTalk (with the Lord or your family members) about your core values. Make sure that every item on your schedule lines up with those values. (Some folks also make a mission statement which they post in a prominent place. It keeps them accountable and serves as a daily reminder to not fill their schedule with empty activities.)
  • Give yourself grace to fall and get up again. Culling a schedule and creating more margin isn’t a science; it’s a process.

Dena Dyer is a wife, mom, author, teacher and speaker whose greatest joy is nestling close to Jesus and encouraging others to do the same. She loves coffee, cooking, traveling and reading. Visit her website or author page on Facebook,  Pinterest, or Twitter to connect with her.


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