Valentine Surprises?

0 comments Posted on February 11, 2016

Susan Mathisby Susan G Mathis

Valentine’s Day is a time where expectations often run high, especially for women. But when you don’t understand what is expected, lots of conflict, stress, and frustration can arise.

How does your future mate feel about playful banter, jokes, or surprises? Dale makes me laugh everyday with his witty quips and comebacks. But surprises and sarcasm don’t always sit well with me. Surprising each other is one of those tricky expectations that sometimes doesn’t work out the way you hope, as our friend, Hannah, realized.

“Our last Valentine’s Day didn’t work out,” Hannah says. “I took the kids to decorate Tim’s office, but he wasn’t too impressed.”

Remarriage Adventure, Dale Mathis“I was in my work zone, and it got complicated,” Tim says. “I didn’t have time to deal with it, so it didn’t go well. Hannah wasn’t happy when I got home, and the night was ruined.”

“But we celebrated Valentine’s the next night,” Hannah says. “It turned out, but I won’t try that again!”

Before Valentine’s Day hits, talk about your expectations and avoid disappointing each other. You’ll be glad you did!

Susan G Mathis is author of The ReMarriage Adventure: Preparing for a Lifetime of Love & Happiness, and Countdown for Couples: Preparing for the Adventure of Marriage with her husband, Dale. Visit for more.


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