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Jan Kernby Jan Kern

The life as a writer is set up so that if we wanted to be we could almost become reclusive. Give me a cave and I’ll crawl in and write to my heart’s content.

But I don’t want that.

While I was writing the Live Free series, an intensive project for me, I nearly did crawl into a cave. I realized how close I had come one weekend when my daughter came home from college battling an illness. During the night, she woke me and described a pain we knew needed immediate attention.

SolitaryI tucked her into our car and began to travel from our country home along the one freeway through our small town to the hospital. I noticed a beautiful, new several-story hotel and asked aloud, “When did they build that?”

After the ER docs gave my daughter instructions for what we needed for her care, I wondered if we had a 24-hour pharmacy. I had no idea. I called my husband who suggested the Safeway at the edge of town—it would be open. I told him there wasn’t one. But there was. As I walked the quiet isles of the new grocery store, a determination to live differently and more fully took hold.

CommunityToday as a writer, and now as a life coach, I know that no matter what my current life focus is, I can choose to live with depth and vitality. Jesus, whose words and life example call me to that life of fullness, shows me that it happens in connection and community with others.

How might you create room for greater connection in your schedule this week?

scarsJan Kern is women’s retreat speaker, credentialed life coach, and author of five books, including Scars That Wound, Scars that Heal—A Journey Out of Self Injury, an ECPA Gold Medallion finalist in the youth category. When she’s not writing, speaking, and coaching, she serves alongside her husband at a residential ministry for at-risk youth in northern California.

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