Wait for the Lord…

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Becky Harlingby Becky Harling

Psalm 37:34

Waiting for God has been the hardest spiritual growth skill for me.  Impatient and energetic by nature, I like it when things move fast. But, if there’s anything I’ve learned about God in recent years it’s this, God, though His timing is perfect, is never in a hurry and is often VERY…SLOW. While this is uncomfortable, here’s what I know:

God uses delay to sharpen His instruments and set the stage for His glory and purpose.

Certainly, we see this throughout the Bible.

  •  Abraham waited until He was well over 90 for his promised son.
  • Joseph waited for many years before he realized his dreams.
  • Moses didn’t step into his calling until he was in his 80’s.
  • David waited for years to become king.

30DayPraiseChallengeforParentsFriend, I wonder what prayer you’re waiting for God to answer at this moment in your life? Maybe it’s a prayer for your wayward child to come home, or for God to open a job opportunity.  Maybe you’re waiting for God to answer your prayers to get pregnant or for an adoption to be finalized.  From your human perspective, it may appear that time is ticking and years are slipping. May I gently challenge you? Praise God in advance that His timing is perfect. Thank Him by faith that He is sharpening you as His instrument and setting the stage for His glory.

Becky Harling is an energetic and motivational speaker inspiring audiences to overcome their greatest life challenges and reach their full God-given potential. A certified leadership speaker and trainer with the John Maxwell Team, Becky is a frequent speaker at conferences, retreats, and leadership training events. She brings a message of hope and inspiration to every audience. Becky coaches communicators to share their message passionately and powerfully for the glory of Jesus Christ.


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