What Does the Word Doubt Mean to You?

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Sharon Srockby Sharon Srock

Doubt—a lack of belief in ourselves, and our ability, to do what God calls us to do. Excuses abound. I can’t do this. I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. Doubt is my middle name.  Me write a book? Me talk to people about what I’ve written? My book stocked in Christian bookstores? Somebody must be crazy. Since it can’t be God, it must be me.

After all, it’s easier to stay where we are, with people and things we trust. Our comfort zone is our security blanket. Inside our comfort zone it doesn’t matter what others think of us or even what we think of ourselves.

Did you know that God makes a habit of asking us to leave our comfort zone? Moses had it good in Egypt’s palace, Joseph was his father’s favorite son, and Esther was just a girl minding her own business. Joseph and Mary were happy in the life they had planned and Peter spent his days fishing. God nudged them all into a new place, with new tasks, new people, and new doubts.

Read the third and fourth chapters of Exodus. I love Moses’ conversation (argument) with God in the desert.

You know what I’ve learned from these examples? God met each of Moses’ doubts with a promise. Moses, Joseph, Esther, Mary and Joseph, and Peter all left their comfort zone, and their doubts, behind—and great things happened.

perf5.500x8.500.inddWhat’s God urging you to do?

Sharon Srock lives with her husband, Larry, and two dogs in rural Oklahoma. She’s a mother, grandmother, and Sunday school teacher. Sharon’s favorite hobby is traveling with her grandchildren. She’s a member of CAN and ACFW. Sharon’s debut novel, The Women of Valley View: Callie released October 2012. The second in the series, The Women of Valley View: Terri, releases April 2013.  Blog: Sharonsrock.com. Click to contact Sharon via Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.


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