What Goes Around Does Come Around

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Anita Agers Brooksby Anita Agers-Brooks

In the spirit of good news that gives all year long, I hope you enjoy this inspirational story.

Ryan Martin was driving home in his battered VW Beetle when he saw a newer, red Mercedes Benz on the side of the road, hood up. An older woman was standing beside it with a cell phone in her hand.

Maybe I should stop. He let off the gas a bit. Nah, she can call for help. Besides, she’s obviously got the money and means to take care of whatever the problem is. Rich people always have what they need. She’s probably a snob anyway.

But a strong conviction pressed on Ryan’s mind, so he stopped. The first thing he noticed was her tears.

GettingThrough“Thank you so much. I didn’t know what to do. My back tire’s flat, and my cell phone died. I guess I lost my charger when I stopped for gas, and I’ve been here for almost forty-five minutes. I was so scared. I’m driving to see my sister in St. Louis. She’s losing her battle with cancer.”

Man, I’m a jerk, Ryan thought as he pulled her jack from the trunk and slid it beneath the damaged wheel. I know better than to assume.

Twenty minutes and several scraped knuckles later, the tire was changed. The woman offered to pay Ryan, but his guilt wouldn’t allow him to accept it—no matter how much he needed the money.

“Tell you what,” Ryan said, “the next time you see someone in need, help them out and think of me.”

The woman nodded and hugged Ryan, before pulling away.

Ryan turned the heat on as soon as he got inside his car, but his insides were warm. He was basking in the aftermath of his good deed.

Later that night, Ryan’s wife rushed into his arms when she came home from her job at the restaurant. Their baby was due in less than a month. “Guess what happened?”

“What?” Ryan asked.

“A lady came in tonight. After she finished her meal, I left her ticket and went to take care of another customer. When I came back, she was gone. At first, I thought she left without paying. But when I opened my wait wallet, there were five $100 bills inside with a note.”


His wife pulled a napkin from her pocket and choked up as she read. “You don’t owe me any change. A stranger helped me when I was stranded by the road. I’m thinking of him. Simply pass some of this on to someone else in need. God sees you and He loves what He sees.”

Ryan’s wife had one more small detail to reveal. “I ran to the door to try and catch her, but I was too late. I did see her pull away though, in a shiny, red Mercedes Benz.”

Ryan’s eyes widened as he thought, What goes around does come around.

Anita Agers-Brooks is an inspirational life coach, international speaker and award-winning author, inspiring people to make fresh starts with fresh faith. Her new book Exceedingly: Stories, Skills, and Strategies for Unearthing Your Abundant Purpose releases in 2019. Find her at anitabrooks.com, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


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