What I Would Have Missed

0 comments Posted on February 6, 2015

Liz Tolsmaby Liz Tolsma

Adopting our youngest child was difficult beyond our imagining. My husband and I had adopted before – twice – so we considered ourselves pros. Our earlier adoptions had prepared us for whatever lay ahead. Or so we thought.

Our daughter came to us at the age of five. She had multiple physical and cognitive delays, as well as seizures and failure to thrive. There were many nights that my husband and I went to bed exhausted and in tears. In fact, that was our state most nights. Those were dark times.

With God’s grace, we stuck it out. He was faithful and gave us strength for each new day, for each new challenge. Things improved. We hit our stride. We found our new normal.

And what He gave us was a wonderful child who makes us smile and laugh every day. She reminds us to be happy, to be carefree, to let loose. I really need to write a book and fill it with all of her funny little sayings.

Here is a little sampling of some recent conversations around our house.

Jonalyn: Mommy, you pretty.
Me: Thank you, sweetie.
Jonalyn: Just like me!

Remember the LiliesJonalyn: Sing, Daddy, sing.
Daddy: ♪ I’m dreaming of a white Christmas. ♪ Now you sing, Jonalyn.
Jonalyn: I can’t. My back hurts.

If we hadn’t adopted her, if we had given up on her, I shudder to think what I would have missed. My life wouldn’t have been as rich nor as beautiful as it is. Sometimes I hug her and hold her close. She asks what I’m doing, and I can’t answer her. I’m too overwhelmed by my love for my extra-special child.

When has God turned a hard time in your life into a well of blessing?


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