What If…

0 comments Posted on January 12, 2021

by Angela Breidenbach, author of The Mail-Order Standoff

Recently, this stunning thought crossed my mind: I am a flawed human and I believe Jesus is my personal Savior who forgives me. I have the hope of Heaven. If I am wrong, no real consequences when I die. According to some, I’d just disappear because that’s the way it is. Hmm.

But what if someone doesn’t believe in Jesus and is wrong. There are very heavy consequences. It hurts to think of someone I care about seeing Heaven from the outside, but they can’t go in. We hate the sense of being left out, ignored, avoided here on earth. Those feelings are painful. Being ostracized is one of the worst forms of cruelty.

What would that feel like for eternity? Being forever outside, not included.

The hard 2020 year we just had, and that continues, could be frustrating and lonely at times for all of us. I bet you can think of a specifically rough day or week. A day when you wanted to give up and quit life or were left out in a painful way.

That level of frustration and despair is not unusual or odd. We all get what that feels like. But what if you had that feeling for eternity? Give it some thought. Consider asking God to show you if He is real. Consider eternity.

I could be wrong. There would be no consequences, if I am. But what if…

Angela Breidenbach is a screenwriter, broadcaster, genealogist, bestselling author, and the Christian Authors Network president. She was awarded Outstanding Broadcasting from the NSDAR. @AngBreidenbach. http://AngelaBreidenbach.com


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