What Will Your Legacy Be?

0 comments Posted on May 2, 2017

Grace Foxby Grace Fox

“The manner in which we live today determines the legacy we leave.”

A 47-year-old friend, Mark, proved this to be true. He recently lost his battle against cancer. During his memorial service, friends and family called him “an encourager.”

As a professional counselor, Mark encouraged men and women to live victorious lives, but his influence reached beyond his office into the community—the grocery store, the barber shop, the gas station. Wherever he went, he spoke words that brought hope to those who felt disheartened.

MorningMomentsWithGodMark’s legacy as an encourager makes me stop to ponder my legacy. What do I wish for people to say about me someday? That I kept a spotless house, or that I made people feel valued? That I kept a crazy busy schedule, or that I always found time for others? That I taught with authority, or that I spoke from a heart filled with love?

What do you hope people will say about you? Take a few minutes to think about it, and then write your own three questions as I did in the preceding paragraph. I found this a thought-provoking exercise. May it be life-transforming as well.

Grace Fox is an international speaker and the author of eight books including Morning Moments With God: Devotions for the Busy Woman. She co-directs International Messengers Canada, a ministry that partners with 200 missionaries in 25 countries.
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