What’s Lurking in Your Closet?

0 comments Posted on June 4, 2014

Carla Stewartby Carla Stewart

A crowd gathered around a friend complimenting on her new spring outfit—crisp white slacks with a lime tee and bright aqua jacket. My friend blushed and said it wasn’t new, “just some things I pulled from my closet.” What made it look fresh, though, was the scarf knotted at her neck with the exact shades of lime and aqua of her outfit. She’d found the scarf and used tops she already had to pull the “look” together. It was lovely.

ClosetWhat’s lurking in your closet? Perhaps a scarf you’ve never worn? Be bold and combine clothing items you’ve not thought of pairing before. A new look doesn’t have to be expensive when you set your creative self loose. Animal print with denim? Orange and purple? Dress up a nice pair of jeans with a silk top and add a chunky necklace from the box of costume jewelry you inherited from your grandmother. Tie a colorful scarf around your head instead of your neck.

The Hatmaker's HeartMy newest book is set in the roaring twenties—a time when fashion was turned upside down and the more glitz, the better! Sparkles, pearls, fringe, and cloche hats were all the rage. While I’m not advocating that we return to those times, it can be fun to borrow an idea or two to spice up your wardrobe without breaking the budget. Let your creative soul come out to play, then wait for the compliments to pour in.



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