What’s the Big Deal about Sex?

0 comments Posted on August 22, 2017

Kandid Kate PhotographyWe live in a sexually chaotic world. There are no standards other than be true to yourself and don’t judge anyone else’s sexual choices. And sex is everywhere. There is hardly a sitcom or movie that doesn’t have strong sexual themes. The daily headlines are filled with reports of sexual scandals, the impact of changing laws, and personal sexual freedom. And then there’s you . . . your life. You have your own private battles. We’ve heard from many women like you who share some of the pressures and challenges you face. Maybe you carry with you sexual secrets you would never share with anyone and the shame from your past haunts you. Or maybe you don’t know what the big deal is about sex. Does God really care if you sleep around, look at porn, or experiment with another woman sexually? Doesn’t He want you to be happy?

There is probably no topic that creates more confusion or pain than sexuality. The questions above are just the tip of the iceberg. Many women have sexual abuse in their past; others equate their sexuality with guilt and shame. And most Christian sources haven’t been very helpful in sorting through the deep questions women are asking.

Sex and the Single GirlThink for a moment about what you learned about sexuality from your parents. How about from church or Christian books? Was there silence or could you honestly ask questions about masturbation, boundaries in dating, and what being a “virgin” really means? We are typically pretty clumsy and reserved in teaching a Christian view of sex. If you grew up in church, maybe all you ever heard was “Don’t do it . . . until you get married.” While most parents and church leaders seem to be uncomfortable talking about sexuality, the culture has no problem inserting the topic into almost every venue. Because of this disparity, even a woman who loves God may have a difficult time understanding how her sexuality relates to her faith. Sex just seems too personal and crude for God to care much about. While we may orient other parts of life to what God wants, our sexuality seems like a separate category.

God wants all of your life to be in agreement with His design for you. Why? Because He knows what is best for you. Unfortunately, the average woman has been given very little (maybe no) teaching on sexuality from a biblical perspective. Even the most committed Christian often thinks about sexual issues from a worldly mindset. Through Sex and the Single Girl we want to change that. I’d like to show you how your love for God and His love for you can deeply impact the choices you make and the beliefs you hold about sexuality.


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