What’s Your Dream?

0 comments Posted on May 19, 2016

Angie Breidenbachby Angela Breidenbach

When you’re daydreaming, where do you go in your head? As a little girl, as early as I can remember, I’ve wanted to go to a few very specific places in the world. I’d even get maps and globes and point to the spot on the map. I’d point to Canada, Scotland, Ireland, and Sweden. I have secondary spots, sure. Places for vacation (always near the beach, by the way). But these specific spots are not vacation. Not breaks from the norm. Not touristy. These places I wanted to explore, absorb, and research. I go there in my head…often. I read books about those places, watch movies and TV shows, and cook the dishes of those countries. (You should try my Scotch Eggs!)

Why those places? Why did that never change as I grew?

Lassoed by MarriageIf you didn’t already know I write historicals, I do. I also love history and genealogy. As I began tracing my family roots and then adding my DNA to the research, I found out that I’m heavily (like 54%) Scotch. I’m also 23% Swedish, 12.5% Irish…and then a real surprise happened. I found out I had Canadian ancestry, too! Why those places always fascinated me, I really can’t tell you except, possibly, they called to me from the land and the blood lines. Possibly God planted those curiosities and deep desires to go discover my roots. I love writing the true history I find as I explore. My family, friends, and readers all get to experience those awesome moments when I write about them. I write about them because I’m so spiritually moved. So satisfied and fulfilled. And sometimes so stunned, like finding out my 4 and 5X great grandfathers fought together under Benedict Arnold’s command or finding out my Swedish ancestors lived and farmed really close to the (can you guess?) BEACH!

I’m finally planning to go to Scotland in 2017. You can follow my preparation and ultimate journey over the next 18 months on my blog, if you like. I may be able to include Ireland and England. But time will determine. I’m not going for a vacation. I’m going for several weeks so I can absorb, explore, and deeply experience my roots. Then I’ll be writing that into more historical romances as I get to know the people and places that came before so that I could be. It’s my life dream. What’s yours?

Scotch Egg Recipe_001Angela Breidenbach is a bestselling author and the host of Grace Under Pressure Radio on iTunes. Angela serves nationally as the Christian Author Network’s (CAN) president. With a volume of appearances online, television, stage, and radio, Angela loves to share her knowledge to help others. (And yes, she’s Writer in the “Muse & Writer” fe-lion comedy duo on Facebook.)


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