When Change Happens

0 comments Posted on February 22, 2019

by Susan G Mathis

In my upcoming novel, Katelyn’s Choice, my main character struggles to accept some big changes in her life. Katelyn goes to work on a small island in the Thousand Islands in upstate New York and faces many changes.

She hates change. So do I.

Change is part of life, but we can—and should—find a way to move forward. One of the best things we can do is analyze how we naturally tend to deal with change. When we recognize this and then adjust our not-so-healthy patterns of thinking and behavior, we can learn how to deal with change more productively.

Sometimes a change seems accidental or random, and it’s frightening. Often, we simply have expectations that are unrealistic, and we think that everything should work out well, like a Hallmark movie. When it doesn’t, we are surprised or disappointed, angry, or hurt. I had to figure out that I hid my fear of change in busyness.

Other times we just can’t face the loss associated with the change. So we become trapped by fear, sadness, or loss, and we feel embarrassed, ashamed, or confused that we have these negative feelings. Sometimes we need the help of a spouse, a good friend, a professional counselor, or a pastor to help us through.

Like Katelyn, like me, sooner or later we find ourselves at a point of decision—either we move through the transition, or we abort it and return to the old patterns. It may be as simple as stepping away from a toxic friend or as big as making a transcontinental move like my novel character, but without completing the transition, we’ll likely repeat the lesson we need to learn. Let’s not do that in 2019.

Susan G Mathis is a multi-published author of Katelyn’s Choice, The Fabric of Hope: An Irish Family Legacy and Christmas Charity—stories set in her childhood stomping ground, the beautiful Thousand Islands in upstate NY. Susan is also the author of a dozen other books and hundreds of published articles. Susan makes her home in Colorado Springs. Find out more at www.SusanGMathis.com.


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