When Life is Unfair

0 comments Posted on November 27, 2012

by James Merritt

We’re all so much alike yet so very different. But if there’s one thing I know we all need, it’s how to face adversity in this life.

In the Bible, we encounter Joseph who shines light on how to deal with life when it’s unfair. Joseph was a lot like us, had a unique family situation, but also dealt with pressures that I’m sure you have already or will someday deal with. You can read about him in Genesis 37.

Getting What You Don’t Deserve

As we often do, Joseph got what he didn’t deserve. Sure, he’d been difficult to live with, bragged too much, and flaunted the favoritism of his dad. But even that doesn’t warrant being sold by his brothers to foreign traveling salesmen. Joseph’s misfortune reminds us that every person experiences good days and bad days. The question you must answer is, “How will I deal with it?”

God Stands Beside You

For Joseph every foreseeable day is a bad one. But then the story explodes with just one statement: “The Lord was with Joseph.” From the outside, it didn’t appear God was with Joseph. But Joseph knew what we must know: God is with you even when there is no evidence that He is.

God Works for You

Joseph’s journey goes from the pit to the prison. Incredibly, he does the right thing, makes the right decision, takes the right path—and still gets burned! It’s hard to see how God is walking beside him and difficult to admit that God is actually working for Joseph.

Fast-forward ten years, Joseph is still incarcerated, but through contacts made in prison, he receives an unexpected appointment with Pharaoh. What happened next could happen only if God were working for you. Pharaoh makes Joseph prime minister of the entire country—an act that catapulted Joseph from the pit to the palace. What we so often see as stumbling blocks are really stepping-stones God uses to accomplish His plan and fulfill His purpose for our lives.

God Speaks Through You

The way we react to life’s circumstances says a lot about us. Our actions truly speak louder than our words. When we believe and act as Joseph did, we’ll experience God speaking through us.

When you face struggles and get handed what you don’t deserve, you will be tempted to give up and give in. The choice you make will determine whether you stand or fall. Before you choose, remember this: God is with you even when there is no evidence that He is.


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