Where Were You?

0 comments Posted on September 11, 2018

by C. Kevin Thompson

Where were you on 9/11 when the towers fell?

Everyone old enough remembers. Vividly.

One month into the school year, I was escorting my middle school class to the library. Another teacher stepped into the hall. “Hey, come in here. You have to see this. It’s incredible.”

We ushered the students into his classroom. TV news replayed the first plane angling toward the North Tower, then slamming into its side, and disappearing in a tremendous fireball. Chatter between the news anchors mentioned another plane being hijacked over Pennsylvania.

One student asked an audible reflection of everyone’s thoughts, “Is this for real?”

Silent, we watched the screen. After several surreal seconds, the history teacher said, “It happened less than an hour ago.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears as the TV images and discussions filtered through the room unimpeded. Five more minutes crawled by. I needed to take my class to the library, away from the TV, and get them back to a normal routine.

However, nothing was going to be normal, was it? The television blared in the library, too. Panicked parents and guardians called the school. Soon, they showed up in droves, checking out their children.

Nothing has been the same since. Everything we do now is dredged through the memories of 9/11. Entities like the TSA and Homeland Security, non-existent on September 10, 2001, now take a hands-on approach to keeping us safe . . . sometimes quite literally.

But, there’s one constant in this ever-darkening world. One that has never changed . . . the same yesterday, today and forever.


This isn’t His home. Nor is it ours. It’s His creation. It’s our gift. But it’s not our home. Our home is being prepared as we speak (John 14:1-4). When it’s ready, and when we arrive, it’ll look a lot different (Rev. 21:1-4). How folks treat each other will be quite different as well.

For death, mourning, crying and pain will no longer be. Tears will be a thing of the past.

If that’s true, then painful memories like 9/11 will also be obsolete.

C. Kevin Thompson is an ordained minister with a B.A. in Bible (Houghton College, Houghton, NY), an M.A. in Christian Studies (Wesley Biblical Seminary, Jackson, MS), and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership (National-Louis University, Wheeling, IL). He works as an assistant principal in a middle school. His Blake Meyer Thriller series includes 30 Days Hath Revenge, Triple Time and The Tide of Times. When the Clock Strikes Fourteen will be out in time for Christmas! You can find him at www.ckevinthompson.com/ or on Facebook C. Kevin Thompson – Author Fan Page


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