White Like Snow

0 comments Posted on January 30, 2019

by Linda P. Kozar

On my wedding day, I stepped out of my parents’ house and lifted the hem of my wedding dress with one arm and draped my veil over the other to avoid contact with the driveway. In my mind, I had successfully avoided all of the dreadful pitfalls I had assumed could go wrong. But I hadn’t counted on the unexpected. As I took my first steps, I noticed my little brother and his friend running toward the front door. I froze in my tracks. The other little boy was oblivious to the white-gowned bride before him and he ran right through a nearby mud puddle. The nightmare scenario every bride fears had come to pass. My immaculate white dress was splattered with mud.

My mother and a crew of helpers tried their best to comfort me. They managed to wipe away the thousand splatters from my dress; but as diligently as they scrubbed, they were unable to make my dress perfectly white again.

What if we thought of sin that way? Sin splatters us with its consequences; but as hard as we scour, there is only one way to be cleansed. It might seem counterintuitive to the natural mind to imagine that blood could serve as a type of spiritual bleach to wash away the stain of sin, but the blood of Christ does just that.

“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” Isaiah 1:18 ESV

Linda Kozar writes cozy mysteries, romance and nonfiction titles and is published both traditionally and independently. She speaks at conferences and events and is a podcaster on the Along Came A Writer network. Linda and her husband Michael live in The Woodlands, Texas and enjoy spending time with their two grown daughters, wonderful son-in-law, and their rascally Jack Russell Terrier, Gypsy.


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