Who Do You Say that I Am?

0 comments Posted on March 19, 2018

Becky Harlingby Becky Harling

Maybe you’re just wondering. What is so intriguing about Jesus Christ anyway? Why bother answering the questions He asked? Maybe it has felt to you that Christians are judgmental. What makes them think they have the corner on truth?

Maybe you are a believer who is struggling to believe He is really who He says He is. Or maybe you aren’t experiencing a crisis of faith, and you are excited to hear His answers and understand Him in a new way.

Who Do You Say That I AmDo you want to deepen and strengthen your faith so that when the winds of chaos blow, you stand steady and strong? Come with me on a journey—a journey to discover the claims that Jesus made about Himself and how those claims can change your life.

Jesus’ questions are worthy of your consideration. If He is God as He says He is, then you, like me, need a divine encounter with Him, an encounter that revitalizes your faith and transforms your life!

Becky Harling has a degree in Biblical Literature and is a sought-after speaker and Bible teacher at women’s conferences and retreats. Through her writing, Becky creatively combines deep biblical insight with her powerful testimony and the stories of other women. Her life experiences as a pastor’s wife, parent of four adult children, grandmother of five grandchildren, women’s ministries director, survivor of breast cancer and sexual abuse bring depth to her message. Who Do You Say that I AM? will draw women deep into the Word for a true encounter with Christ, helping them become more confident, calm and courageous in the faith.


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